Appeal for Support

The work of the Shangpa Foundation is supported by the generous contributions of private benefactors, grants awarded through charitable support organizations, and fundraising programs hosted by the foundation. Donations made to the Shangpa Foundation help us directly with our ongoing needs such as project development, field research, website construction and maintenance, and equipment. Unrestricted donations are greatly appreciated.

Occasional, monthly donations and project-specific donations

Your support is essential for the development of the Shangpa Foundation projects and the accomplishment of its preservation and transmission missions, and we are very thankful for all forms of supports.

You can support us by an occasional donation or by a monthly donation.
You may also support one particular project : the Resource center, the Translation work and the Retreat/ Dharma center Exchange program.

You can donate directly by clicking on the relevant Paypal button below.
Kindly note that it is possible to use this system and pay with a credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

Before donating, you may want to read the information about tax deductibility for Swiss residents and for international donors on the Fiscal information page.

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Leave a charity legacy gift in your will

A legacy gift a a way to take care of what mattered the most in one’s life while preparing and reflecting on one’s death. As non-profit Foundation, The Shangpa Foundation may named as a beneficary in your will.

Share Your Expertise

The Shangpa network operates on the basis of its member cooperation. We are constantly seeking for expertise and assistance on our ongoing projects. Many skills are helpful to the Foundation and its projects, such as translation skills (Tibetan to other languages), IT skills, communication and project management skills, for example. If you wish to join and participate, please contact us.