All Shangpa sites for the site location Lhündrup (lhun grub)

Lenpa Chilpo Hermitage

lan pa spyil po / lan pa spyil bu

ལན་པ་སྤྱིལ་པོ། ལན་པ་སྤྱིལ་བུ།

This place was a small hermitage were Khyungpo Naljor stayed in retreat.

  • Site Type: Hermitage
  • Site Location: Lhündrup
  • Shomara Monastery

    sho ma ra (‘phan yul sho ma ra’i dgon)


    Early site visited by Khyungpo Naljor to receive Mahamudra teachings. Now in ruins.

  • Site Type: Monastery
  • Site Location: Lhündrup
  • Cheka Monastery

    ‘chad kha dgon (jog mda’ – ‘phan yul ‘chad kha dgon, maybe also ‘jog po mda’i chad kar dgon pa)


    Early Shangpa Kagyu site visited by Khyungpo Naljor. Founded by Kadam master Chekhawa Yeshé Dorjé (‘chad kha ba ye shes rdo rje), known to have composed one treatise on Lojong entitled The Seven Point Mind Training (blo sbyong don bdun ma). Documented by Jonang Foundation in 2014.

  • Site Type: Monastery
  • Site Location: Lhündrup