Film and book on Kalu Dorje Chang

A Tribute to Our Precious Root Master

A film and a book in homage to our root-master are currently being realized. The current working title is “Omnipresent Nature, the Great Tibetan Yogi who Spread the Dharma in the World” and they will cover the life and activities of Kalu Dorje Chang :

  • The enlightened life of Kalu Dorje Chang

His biography will be illustrated with images, videos, photos, and interviews of the Rinpoches and Lamas who have known him. Images will also be gathered in Kham, Palpung, Tsadra Rinchen Dra, and in the different places where Kalu Dorje Chang has manifested his enlightened activities.

  • The enlightened activities of Kalu Dorje Chang

– His teaching the nature of the mind and fundamental meditation,

– His creation of yogic retreat centers for the complete transmission of the tradition,

– His founding of centers worldwide, for Dharma study and practice in daily life,

– His initiating the translation of the Dharma Encyclopedia,

– His starting the Kagyu Monlams in Bodhgaya.

June 2014, the Shangpa Network film crew had the honor of interviewing great masters of Tibetan Buddhism as well as Rinpoches and Lamas who had personally known Kalu Dorje Chang. You can view the photo report of their travel and interviews here.

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Kalu Dorje Chang’s exemplary life of enlightened activities and the deep imprints he left in this world are his gift to us and a source of great inspiration. His transmission lives on through his many spiritual descendants who are pursuing altruistic activities in his footsteps.

Avoiding any personal or political agenda, the projects are purely intended as tributes to his memory and to inspire the future generations on the path of Awakening. The film and book will be a great way to share this with a large audience.

If you have known Kalu Dorje Chang personally you are kindly invited to give an interview about your recollections of him. Your testimony would be included in either the book and or the film.

We are also still collecting archives and documents that relate to him, contact us if you would like to submit documents for this project.

Retreat/ Dharma Center Exchange Program

Another initiative of the Shangpa Foundation is to facilitate exchanges between retreat centers and dharma centers to share expertise and provide facilities for lamas from different centers to practice, teach, and learn in other centers and retreats. These exchanges will be sponsored in part with grants from the Shangpa Foundation.

Shangpa Digital Archives

The Shangpa Foundation is working on producing a complete archive of the Shangpa Transmissions available on a USB drive, as well as an interactive application for use on tablets that contains all of the main archives of the lineage. It is the hope that this will be of use to lamas and practitioners in their teaching and practice. The content will be taken from the most pertinent aspects of the Resource Center archives.